I came to the USA in 1968 and at that time almost every product had the label "Made in USA". I saw just the beginning of the "Made in Japan" emerge. The US dollar was strong, however because of this the American made products became expensive for the rest of the world.

At the same time foreign products became very cheap to us. People disregarded the poor quality of some of those products and began purchasing the cheap foreign products. When this happened many jobs were lost to foreign countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China and Mexico.

It is a cycle that affects all countries. The workers in those foreign countries demanding higher pay so now their products became not so cheap any more. Japan started manufacturing in Korea or Taiwan and the US started manufacturing in Mexico.

I remember the good old days where you could find quality American made product easily so in 2004 I decided to create a website and display American made products on it. Fast forward to present day and there are some encouraging signs of manufacturing returning back to the America. The US dollar is much lower then in 1968. American made products are affordable again.

However it is very hard to find products the have the label "Made in USA". The FTC have very stringent requirements for the "Made in USA" label so many manufacturers do not include the origin of their products in their description. We at ShopUSAMade.com have tried very hard to find the manufacturers and merchants that offer American made products by reading their description.

Through hard work we have amassed quality American made product. We have done the work of looking for those products so you don't have to. Read the "Terms of Use" for more info. Thank you for visiting ShopUSAMade.com and please visit us again.